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Title: Line-In
Pairing: Kris/Chanyeol
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7,043
Summary: Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, right? Wrong. Wufan is going to smear Chanyeol across the field and bask in the glory.
A/N: well. we all knew this was coming. look at this motherfucker. written with the prompt from steph, finished with sasha-k waging the war of krisyeol against fallissa ♥
also, if you're not familiar with rugby... well you don't really have to be, we just care about men grappling around in the dirt, right?
also also, i've enabled anonymous comments! spread the word ^^

Wufan, from his position standing threateningly behind the player bench, is surveying his team's opponents. Their captain isn't around but the boys that were stretching and warming up were shorter than Wufan's own team – but height wasn't the advantage in this game. It was weight. And Wufan only has one guy that can throw his weight around with any sort of meaning; the rest of his guys are lanky and thin and one of them doesn't even like rugby, he's just playing as a favor because Wufan was a player short. Which fine, whatever, Wufan hopes the kid gets socked in the jaw anyway. Sassy fuck.

The other team, while height wasn't on their side, was much... thicker. Wufan could see it before they slipped on their gear (and really, it had been the other captain's insistence that they wear the armor, although Wufan thought that wasn't true to the sport), their arms not as spindly as Luhan's, their calves just a bit bigger than Yixing's. In fact, Wufan's own Minseok looked like he belonged on that team. Wufan wouldn't give Minseok up for a hundred fucking dollars, the kid was gold and the only reason Wufan's team was even still part of this little unofficial league.

Wufan's secret weapon is Minseok. He wants Tao to be his secret weapon – wushu master, agile, strategically brilliant – but the kid is a fucking crier. He breaks a nail, he cries. He gets too much dirt on his clothes, he cries. One time he bowled over an opposing player and knocked out one of his teeth and Tao was so beside himself, he – you guessed it – cried.

Wufan's eyes are still roving over the opposing team, sizing them up like he hasn't done it before. The morning is early and the sun is already heating up the day, but there are some clouds lingering on the horizon. Where is the other team's captain? It's almost time to start, Wufan notes as he checks his cell phone before tossing it into his duffel bag.

“Gather 'round,” Wufan instructs, propping a foot up on the bench and resting a hand on his knee.

Tao gathers. The rest stare at him indifferently.

“They might have more skill than us, they might be built better than us,” Wufan has his determined face on. “But we can't lose.” Same speech every time.

“Why?” Tao asks. Fucking Tao.

“Because-” Just as Wufan is about to give reason, the very reason itself wanders onto the field. Wufan growls. “Park Chanyeol.” Same answer every time.

His team glances over to the other team, whose captain has finally arrived. They hear the other boys all whining and yelling at their captain for being so late, but they don't hear what response he gives. Wufan's fists clench and his shoulders stiffen.

“Hey isn't that the guy that beats you at everything all the time?” Jongdae asks.

“He doesn't,” Wufan snaps. “I beat him.”

“Sometimes,” Jongdae helpfully supplies.

Wufan waves a big hand, “Fucking Christ whatever, point is, he's my rival and I'm not going to lose to him at my game.”

“You're not that good though,” Luhan chirps, smirking lazily up at Wufan.

Same bickering every time.

Letting out a breath, Wufan presses the tips of his fingers to his temples before continuing. “The point is. We can win. Tao, if you can manage to not shed a single tear throughout this whole game I will buy you whatever you want.”

Tao grumbles, “No knock-off shit.”

You better fucking knock it off,” Wufan grumbles back.


Wufan's powwow is interrupted by the other captain, who is walking towards them. He's the odd one out on the other team; he's tall and he's lanky but he's nimble and knows how to use his body defensively. Which is why he's such an obstacle for Wufan, who has similar body structure. He's smiling and it's handsome and Wufan hates him even more because it's that same smile that stole a girl right out from underneath Wufan's nose in the tenth grade.

“Are you guys ready?” Chanyeol asks.

“You're the one who was late,” Tao whines. Wufan elbows him. His lip stops quivering.

Chanyeol just sends that usual disarming smile, his right eye twitching slightly. Right now, the twitch is harmless. On the field when he's holding a ball, it's scary as fuck.

Wufan nods his head and picks up his chest armor, opening the fastenings and slipping into it. Chanyeol heads back to his team and assembles them, and they're on the field first. It takes a few minutes to decide the perimeters of the playing field (they're in a relatively empty park with no set yard lines, but they make due), and when they're settled, they get into their starting formation line.

“Here!” Chanyeol calls out, tossing the ball to Wufan. “You get kick-off.”

Wufan catches the ball and glares heartily at Chanyeol, who merely laughs and heads to form up with his team. Asshole.

Minseok and Tao are on either side of Wufan as he prepares for the kick-off. Luhan, Yixing and Jongdae are backs because they're too sleight and will get bulldozed if they go anywhere near the other team's forwards; Wufan accidentally made Jongdae a forward once but quickly regretted that decision when Jongdae was targeted by four of the opposing six players.

Jongdae still won't forgive him for that.

Chanyeol's team positions with Junmyeon, Sehun, and Jongin in the front. Chanyeol himself is a back – he's fast as fuck and his long legs deliver powerful kicks. Wufan catches Chanyeol's eye and the other boy sends him a small smile that's on the borderline of a smirk, and Wufan calls out for kick-off.

His foot connects with the ball and as soon as it launches into the air, Minseok and Tao come to Wufan's side and they grip onto each other, charging forward. The opposing three forwards do the same and when they collide, Wufan's face is in Junmyeon's neck – Wufan's team's legs are stronger, despite the differences in build, and they start to push Chanyeol's team back with grunts and huffs. Wufan can't see who catches the ball on the receiving end, but when all of the forwards break away, he catches sight of Chanyeol winding up to kick the ball up the field again.

“Jongdae!” Wufan barks out, but Jongdae is already chugging on quick feet towards Chanyeol. Fucker's fast.

There's a flicker of hesitance on Chanyeol's face, like he's not sure if he'll make a good kick before Jongdae tackles him, and at the last minute he throws the ball backwards towards Baekhyun. Jongdae collides with Chanyeol, the two of them sailing to the ground, and Baekhyun kicks the ball instead. The ball sails through the air and Kyungsoo is catching it, running forward – and then he's going down, Tao and Yixing managing to cut him off and take him down to the ground.

Wufan sees his chance and darts towards the abandoned ball while Tao and Yixing hold Kyungsoo down. This is an unofficial league, they play within their circle of college mates and friends, with no referees and no real point system. So some rules get lost in translation but that's how they prefer it anyway – it makes things interesting and bending the rules got fun sometimes. Especially when bets were involved. This game between Wufan and Chanyeol's team has no wager though, so Wufan doesn't feel too pressured to win.

Except for the fact that, you know, Chanyeol is an ass and deserves to lose.

Wufan takes possession of the dead ball and tosses it back towards Luhan, who kicks it to the other side of the field. It falls dead again and the struggling between the two teams stops briefly as they all get up and re-group on the new line. They're all already panting, grass stains on bare knees and cheeks flushed with the sudden adrenaline.

They're off again and this time it's Tao that sends the kick-off. It drops before anyone can catch it and as Wufan's team converges on Chanyeol's, Baekhyun sends a rolling kick, the ball skipping along the grass. Wufan sticks a leg out to try and intercept but his timing is off and the ball is bouncing too sporadically – Chanyeol whizzes past him and picks the ball up, sprinting towards the stakes in the ground that were the decided goal.

Without thinking or even coming up with a plan, Wufan lunges after Chanyeol. He's not the fastest runner but his legs are long and he tackles Chanyeol from behind, the two of them thudding onto the ground, the wind coming out of the slightly smaller boy in a harsh 'ouuufff!', the ball flying out of Chanyeol's hands.

Underneath him, Chanyeol is struggling to breathe. Wufan barely relents, though, deciding that keeping Chanyeol on the ground for as long as possible would benefit his team. And it does, because Jongdae is zooming by again (for a short kid he runs fast as hell) and Wufan's attention is pulled away from the game when Chanyeol lets out a strangled noise.

Glancing down, Wufan finally pulls away from Chanyeol, allowing the younger boy to suck in a lungful of dirt and grass. Smirking, Wufan puts his hand on the back of Chanyeol's head and pushes his face back into the ground, although his body is no longer crushing him.

Chanyeol flails and rolls around, twisting his body so he can reach up with his long arms and try and push Wufan away. There's dirt smudged on Chanyeol's face and his right eye is completely closed – Wufan gets up off of Chanyeol when Jongin screams out 'GOAL!', chuckling and holding out a patronizing hand towards the fallen captain.

“Next goal is ours,” Wufan says.

Chanyeol sits up and knocks his hand away, standing up on his own. He smirks back at Wufan and tosses his bangs out of his eyes with a flick of his head, “That's a nice dream, you should try perusing it some day.” His back turns and he walks off to regroup with his team at center line.

Wufan clenches his teeth and regroups with his own team, waving them in for tactical discussion.

“Go after Baekhyun,” he says immediately, glancing up to see Chanyeol patting the shorter boy on the head affectionately. It's a good strategy – going after Baekhyun will piss Chanyeol off and if Chanyeol is pissed off maybe his team will suffer. Actually that's not what will happen at all, but Wufan just really likes to see Chanyeol pissed.

His team doesn't care though because they're not really paying attention anyhow. He knows they only listen to him to humor him and will do generally whatever the hell they want. That might be why they lose so much.

For the glory of the game, right?

The break and take up starting positions.

“Scrum!” Chanyeol shouts out.

The smirks that filter over Junmyeon's, Jongin's, and Sehun's faces are actually pretty scary, Wufan thinks, as he and Tao and Minseok group together. Three-on-three scrums were usually pretty uneventful, but already tension is buzzing through the air. Chanyeol is, indeed, already pissed off, and it is infecting the rest of the team too. His emotions are contagious like that. And when he's angry, his team seems to perform that much better. Twisted.

“Hey Tao,” Jongin says as the six face each other, only about a meter apart. “Haven't seen you cry yet today. Manicure still clean?”

Tao hunches over a bit and plants his feet across from the other boy, looking ready to murder. Sehun is across from Minseok and they're just sizing each other up quietly. Junmyeon isn't one for trash talk or for dirty looks (outside of the game the guy is actually quite soft) so he and Wufan just stare at each other's chests, ready for collision.


Chanyeol shouts a second time and this time it's the boy's cue to go. The forwards lunge at each other from the short distance and their shoulders and heads lock, plastic chest armor sliding and knocking together. Feet plant, torsos push – Jongin and Tao are huffing out insults at each other, and even a few cusses spill from Minseok, but Wufan and Junmyeon are just looking at the ground and waiting for the ball to roll into their line of sight.

When it does, Tao slips from Jongin's hold and dodges into Wufan's side, making Jongin lose his balance and topple over. Junmyeon's grip on Jongin's waist brings him down as well, and Minseok grabs the ball as Wufan and Tao create a wall – Luhan is already dodging into the chaos and taking the ball, gracefully leaping out of destruction's way to the other side of the field.

It all happens so fast – Jongdae and Yixing have successfully tripped Baekhyun (Wufan didn't think they'd actually listen to him), Chanyeol is successfully distracted by it, and there's no way Kyungsoo is fast enough to catch Luhan as the taller boy sprints to the goal and throws the ball down in victory.


“Alright.” Wufan's team gather around him, newly re-focused and energized with their goal. “We're gonna do the Mermaid now. We can beat them. We've got this.” In their little unofficial league it's best out of three goals that wins – sometimes they adhere to timed games or see who gets to five first, but half of the guys in the league had jobs that they couldn't miss out on, the other half was busy with schoolwork. Today's game was best out of three – the next goal will proclaim victory.

His team nods at him and they put their hands in the middle, hooting and hollering 'BREAK!' as they go into formation. Chanyeol has opted for a line-out and is standing at the halfway mark and off to the side, staring determinedly at Wufan. Wufan merely smirks and wipes the corner of his mouth with the pad of his thumb smugly. Idiot is playing right into his hands, taking the line-out.

As Chanyeol winds up to toss the ball, Wufan's team moves in towards their captain. Yixing, Luhan and Minseok huddle together – behind them Jongdae is lifted in the air, his feet pushing off of Tao's and Wufan's knees as he stretches his arms up and intercepts the ball the instant it flies from Chanyeol's hands. Jongdae knocks the ball down to the ground and lands on Luhan's back, and Wufan is too busy chasing after the ball to see if the kid makes it down safely.

The problem is, their Mermaid play would have worked if Chanyeol wasn't so fucking fast. He's already meeting Wufan at the ball and they both kick out their feet at the same time – their legs tangle and they topple to the ground, the ball going off to fuck knows where. This time they're both on the ground, Chanyeol's elbow digging awkwardly into Wufan's side and Wufan's knee in Chanyeol's hip.

Chanyeol lets out a groan of pain and rolls towards Wufan, shoving him away. “Why is it like this?!”

It's always like this when they play. They're the captains and they're both the same size and because their limbs are awkward they always end up beating the shit out of each other without meaning to. Wufan sits up and his armor is unhitched at the side where Chanyeol had elbowed him, and he lets out a tut as Chanyeol's team celebrates their winning goal. Where the fuck had Wufan's team gone? They weren't hanging their heads and sagging their shoulders like a losing team should – instead they're high-fiving the other team and probably even making plans to hang out.

“Good game,” Chanyeol says as he and Wufan head back to the benches.

Wufan scowls, “Next time, you're mine.”

Chanyeol's grin is cheeky. “Yeah. Next time.”

Next time Wufan's team gets their ass royally whipped 3-0.

And he's so fucking pissed when the game is over because Chanyeol is gloating (since when does he gloat??) that he rips off his armor and throws it at the bench, adrenaline still running through his body post-match.

“Next game, no armor,” Wufan suddenly says, and the other eleven men in front of him turn to stare with jaws dropped.

Wufan is serious as serious can be.

But no one says 'that's against the rules' because there are no rules and Chanyeol's team is the only team that wears armor regularly, anyway. And obviously if Chanyeol's team is going to wear armor the opposing team will too, because someone not wearing armor doesn't want to get hit by someone who is.

Chanyeol grins, “You think it's the armor that's making you lose?”

“I think it's the armor that's helping you win,” Wufan spits back.

“Alright then.” The other captain nods and smirks. “Next time, no armor.”

Baekhyun and Kyungsoo shriek out their complaints but Chanyeol ignores them.

He leans in to Wufan's space, finger poking into the taller man's un-armored chest. “No scraps. We'll see who wins.”

They exchange fiery gazes before their teams pull them apart, screaming about the safety of the nature around them.

True to their agreement, the next time the two teams meet at the park, there's no armor to be seen on either side. Baekhyun and Kyungsoo look particularly put out but Wufan can't pay attention to them when he's too busy sizing up the other captain.

Sizing up meaning scanning every inch of body that has been previous covered by that stupid armor.

Chanyeol's arms are long and well-proportioned. They're not scrawny but they're not too defined – they look capable of dealing damage, which is what Wufan cares about. His shoulders are broad but delicate at the same time, it's hard to put his finger on the strange mesh of the opposites; and Chanyeol's chest is... slender. For such a powerhouse, Chanyeol is built completely different than what Wufan had originally imagined.

Not that he'd imagined what Chanyeol's body would look like outside of the armor.

However, now without the armor on their bodies, it's quite clear why Chanyeol's team constantly beats Wufan's.

That Sehun kid looks a lot more threatening in just a tank top.

They line up at center field, and although Chanyeol's team looks a bit more threatening without their stupid armor, Wufan has confidence in his boys. They're not afraid to tackle and get dirty, whereas Chanyeol's team is rarely on the defense and work more offensively. Wufan is positive that without the armor, Chanyeol's team looks better, but will perform worse. He can see it in the way Baekhyun and Kyungsoo are shifting nervously – they're small and with the armor they'll take hits, but they looked pretty much terrified to have any bodily contact without protection.

And two weak links is all it takes.

When the match starts, Wufan's team doesn't even hesitate in blowing forward. The other tearm's forwards hesitate for a second, before planting their feet to brace against the push of the other team. Junmyeon is the first to go down, losing his hold on Jongin and Sehun, and then it's a frenzy as Wufan's team, with renewed confidence, easily gets the ball and sprints towards their first goal.

Chanyeol is furious with how easy it was for Wufan's team to score that point.

The second kick-off is even more eventful; Luhan prances over to Kyungsoo, who is hesitating in joining the fray for the ball, and tackles him for no reason. With no referee to call the penalty Kyungsoo just goes down with a girly scream, the ball eventually ending in Chanyeol's team's possession. Wufan doesn't even care because this is how rugby should be played, toe to toe and like real men.

Not that any of them could really be considered 'real' men, especially those two on Chanyeol's team and yeah Jongdae probably didn't come even close to being 'manly' as he ballet-leaps away from the opponents but still.

It's the principle of the matter.

As the game progresses there's lots of yelling and cussing, more than normal that is usually exchanged between the two teams. Most of it is Jongin and Tao, and some of it is coming from Baekhyun, and Wufan is sure that no human of this Earth should be able to hit the high notes that Jongdae lets out whenever he's taken down.

Without the armor the game lasts longer and they play harder. He sees Chanyeol is just as satisfied as he is at this turn of events, and if he's lucky, Chanyeol will agree to never wear the armor again, even though his team is down 2-1 and Kyungsoo and Baekhyun are still whining like a pair of middle school girls.

The ball gets away from Wufan's team in a scrum and he sees Jongin going for it. Not ok. Wufan breaks away from Junmyeon's bear-hug and ends up sliding on the ground more than anything, his legs in front of him and successfully tripping Jongin. But he hadn't seen Chanyeol and now the captain has ran up from somewhere and passes the fallen team mate, scooping up the ball and heading towards the other side of the field. Wufan can't get up fast enough and no one else on his team can catch Chanyeol (Tao, who is the only other team mate who stands a chance, is currently helping Baekhyun up off of the ground and not paying attention) and the score gets tied, just like that.

The boys waste no time in gathering at center field again. Wufan's arms go around Minseok's and Tao's shoulders, and as they get into position Wufan is surprised to see Chanyeol wrapping his arms around Jongin and Sehun.

“You're not a forward,” Minseok says, clearly confused.

Chanyeol grins, his right eye disappearing. It's scary, Chanyeol's competitive edge giving a sort of wild glint to his eye. “I am now.”

Wufan snorts like a bull ready to charge.

Luhan does the kick-off and with Chanyeol in the middle, the other forwards don't have a choice but to charge forward with their crazed leader. It's the first time the whole match that the other team's forwards has acted first, but Wufan's team doesn't hesitate in responding, and when they collide, it's much harder than any other collision or scrum they've had the whole game. There's commotion all around, from the backs and the forwards alike, and Wufan's arms remove from Minseok's and Tao's shoulders to wrap around Chanyeol, working on getting him down to the ground. So long as Chanyeol doesn't get possession of the ball, Wufan's team has a chance.

The two captains crash to the ground but Tao and Jongin are tipping over onto them as well and it's a pile of bodies and limbs for a few erratic seconds – suddenly Chanyeol's long limbs are missing from the fray and Wufan shoves Jongin off of him to see Chanyeol's ponytail bouncing towards Jongdae, who currently has the ball.

Judging by the look on Jongdae's face, he's sure his life is about to end. Wufan hopes the kid doesn't just hand Chanyeol the ball.

Surprisingly, as Wufan gets up and starts chasing after Chanyeol, Jongdae manages to hold onto the ball even as Chanyeol tackles him (but Jongdae can't hold onto his dignity as he lets out a scream). Yixing comes out of nowhere and takes the ball from Jongdae and rushes off – Baekhyun is there to try and stop him and Chanyeol is scrambling to get off of Jongdae. Wufan knows that Chanyeol is trying to get possession of the ball because once he does – if he does – the game will be over.

And that simply can't happen.

So Wufan tries to put his faith in Yixing, who is dodging around Kyungsoo now – without their armor it's easier to grab at clothes and drag people down, although they're trying not to do that. Kyungsoo's fingers grip the hem of Yixing's shirt and only manage a yank before the material slips out of his fingers, Yixing laughing and winding around him. But Jongin and Sehun have formed a wall and are charging Yixing and Wufan knows this is it – this is it, Chanyeol's team is going to get the ball and hand it to their captain and they'll win.

Exactly that happens, Yixing falling underneath Jongin's and Sehun's combined tackle. They slap the ball out of his hands and Chanyeol scoops it up with an excited yell, pivoting on his heels and upturning the grass beneath his feet as he darts back in the opposite direction.

It's now or never.

It's kind of like one of those epic sequences in a movie, where there's various things going on in slow motion around Wufan as he moves to the side to get into Chanyeol's path. Minseok is pinning Sehun to the ground, Tao and Jongin are floating as they both get knocked over by a clumsy Junmyeon, Luhan is in mid-air by himself as he tries to jump over the fallen Yixing. Kyungsoo and Baekhyun are standing off to the side, watching Wufan with wide eyes, their jaws slacked as the whole scene unfolds in detailed slow-mo.

Time speeds up and Chanyeol does his best to dodge out of Wufan's interception. It sort of works, but Wufan is quick in turning on his feet and reaching out a long arm, catching Chanyeol around the middle. All of the air leaves Chanyeol's body and his gut collapses under Wufan's arm and the ball is slipping out of his fingers; Wufan curls his arm and it's poetry how Chanyeol is stopped in his tracks, back being pulled into Wufan's broad chest. It's music as the ball floats through the air and lands in Luhan's waiting hands, and it's a painting when Luhan chucks the ball and Jongdae catches it, flopping down across the goal line.

Wufan's team cheers loudly with their win, Chanyeol's team lying in various states of death on the field. Wufan is smiling smugly, Chanyeol's back still pressed firmly to his chest, waist slender in his hold. It takes a second, because Chanyeol is too busy blinking wide eyes at where Minseok and Tao are picking Jongdae up on their shoulders, and then finally the other captain starts squirming in Wufan's grip, trying to get away.

Letting him go, Wufan gives a smug smile before he jogs over to his celebrating team. Their arms go around shoulders and they're in a circle, hopping and bouncing around, singing the traditional sport victory song, and when they're done, Chanyeol's team is picking themselves up, looking properly defeated.

But because Wufan raised real winners (never mind the fact this is the first game they've ever won against Chanyeol's team) they all head over to the other team, high-fiving and congratulating on a game well-played. Kyungsoo and Baekhyun are teased endlessly about their girly shrieks, Jongdae even gets picked on, Sehun and Minseok are dusting dirt and grass off of each other's backs, Junmyeon and Tao are re-enacting some of the more entertaining points of the game with Jongin watching and laughing.

Chanyeol is walking up to Wufan, wearing a face-splitting smile, his hair falling out of his shitty ponytail. Wufan holds his hand out for a shake, about to say 'good game', but Chanyeol knocks his hand aside and gets so close their chests are pressing, Chanyeol's face in his space.

“One win out of nine games, how does that make you feel?” Chanyeol breathes.

Wufan can't talk. Suddenly his voice box is broken and he can only stare at Chanyeol, who is still smiling, the competitive fire still in his eyes. Chanyeol isn't known to be a sore loser, so Wufan is just momentarily stunned. And then Chanyeol is pressing even closer to him, their chests colliding and making Wufan have to take a step back to brace himself, the other captain's mouth way too close to Wufan's ear.

“If it were just you and me, you'd go down,” Chanyeol husks.

Ok, if that's a sexual innuendo and a challenge to a one-on-one rugby match, Wufan is pretty sure his brain just exploded.

Chanyeol is out of his space in the next second, still grinning, still fiery, and then he wanders off to join his team.



Wufan is in the park by himself one night, staring at the stakes his unofficial league had stuck in the ground months and months ago. He's sitting on the ground with his legs in front of him, the rugby ball between his thighs, his hands behind him and holding him up. He's not sure why he came out here – well actually he knows why he's out at three a.m. in the first place; it's because Tao and Jongin were having very loud, very raucous, very angry sex in the apartment Tao and Wufan shared. Wufan figures they had it coming since there was always so much tension between them as counterparts on the playing field.

But still.

Waking up to that might have scarred Wufan mentally.

He doesn't know why he came to the park, though. He doesn't know why he had brought the ball with him, either, but maybe he brought it because it didn't feel right to go to the field without it.

“You too?” Chanyeol's voice disrupts Wufan's thoughts and startles him slightly. The other captain comes in from the street side, wearing sweats and a hoodie, pretty much the mirror image of Wufan himself. He sits next to the Chinese man with his legs crossed, taking the ball out of Wufan's lap and tossing it idly in his hands.

“Tao and Jongin are having furious sex in your apartment?” Wufan asks sarcastically.

Chanyeol gives a crooked smile, “Jongdae and Kyungsoo, actually. And it's not furious so much as it is... disturbing. I had no idea two men could say the things they say to each other.”

Wufan doesn't even want to know what 'things' consists of.

They sit in silence for a few moments, Wufan not really sure what to say to Chanyeol when he's not hurling insults at him or trying to smash his face into the dirt.

Chanyeol is good at problem solving, though, because the ball suddenly drops onto Wufan's thighs, the younger of the two standing up with a grin. “So. How about that one-on-one?”

It was ten days ago, their last match, and Wufan hasn't forgotten about Chanyeol's ending challenge. So he grins and stands up, holding the ball in his hands and laughing.

“You're going to lose.”

There's no mention of the fact that rugby simply cannot be played between two people, as they move to the middle of the pitch, Wufan shrugging off his hoodie and tossing it aside, leaving him in his sweats and a t-shirt. They face each other and they're sizing up one another, not even hiding it as their eyes drag up and down body lines.

“You're awkward on your feet,” Chanyeol says.

“You can't tackle for shit,” Wufan counters.

Chanyeol smirks, that fire slowly igniting in his eyes. “You're slow.”

Wufan takes a step closer, holding the ball out in front of him. “You're ungraceful.”

The fire sparks into a low roar. “You've got shitty strategies.”

“You don't have any strategies.”

“I am confident in relying on the talent of my team.”

There's an inferno in Chanyeol's eyes now, and Wufan smirks, one last jab leaving his lips. “You can't make the first move.”

And like that Chanyeol is triggered, smacking the ball out of Wufan's hands and moving forward, fingers gripping Wufan's shirt and jerking him forward into a crushing kiss. Wufan has shitty strategies, but sometimes they work. His own fingers tangle into the loose material of Chanyeol's hoodie, lips parting so he can suck Chanyeol's tongue into his mouth, their bodies pressing together just like they did ten days ago after a satisfying game.

Kissing Chanyeol, even though Wufan hasn't ever really thought of doing it, is pretty fucking awesome. Chanyeol's mouth looks big but it's actually perfect for the push and pull of their kiss, it's perfect for Wufan's tongue to swipe around.

Smirking against Chanyeol's lips, Wufan's hands move to Chanyeol's hips, and he breaks their kiss – Chanyeol gives him a confused look before he yelps out in surprise as Wufan's foot moves to kick Chanyeol's feet out from under him. They both go to the ground and Wufan lands on top, not unkind about the way he rests atop Chanyeol. Although startled, Chanyeol doesn't miss a beat as he grips the back of Wufan's head and presses their mouths together again. Wufan's hips rut down against the other boy's and the silence of the deserted park is broken by the sound that leaves Chanyeol's throat.

It all sort of builds up like that, Wufan thinking about every time Chanyeol has beaten him, every time Wufan has sulked in defeat – it all boils down to Wufan's sweet victory last week and the look on Chanyeol's face as Wufan beat him for the first time. And somehow it translates into this: Wufan sucking at Chanyeol's bottom lip and shoving his hand past the waistband of Chanyeol's sweats, palming the erection he finds there and making Chanyeol writhe beneath him.

It makes total sense.

The way they move against each other is just like how they hash it out on the pitch. They're using every opportunity they can to get the advantage – Wufan has his hand down Chanyeol's pants but Chanyeol's legs are wrapping around Wufan's hips, forcing their bodies closer together, his teeth grating down the length of Wufan's neck. The night air is humid and hanging thickly over them and Wufan presses the pad of his thumb into ridge of Chanyeol's cock, satisfied in the gravelly moan that leaves the younger man's throat.

“How do you like losing?” Wufan breathes out against Chanyeol's ear, biting the shell.

Chanyeol doesn't reply verbally, just hisses through his teeth as his hands move to Wufan's sweat pants, struggling to push them over Wufan's hips. Wufan's erection is freed from his boxers as Chanyeol sits up a bit, his legs still wrapped firmly around Wufan's hips to keep him in place.

Finally Chanyeol glances up to acknowledge Wufan's question, and he smirks as he reaches down to immediately go for the gold, his palm cupping the older man's balls. “I fucking love it.”

Ah shit that's not what he's supposed to say.

Grunting and bucking his hips a bit, Wufan cusses when Chanyeol mouths his chest through his shirt. Skin on skin would be preferred but there's something about the way that Chanyeol's breath warms up the fabric of Wufan's t-shirt; when he pulls away the hot spot on the material fades and leaves Wufan shivering.

He's not sure how anything between them turned into this but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter a single fucking bit when Chanyeol's hands are sliding over his hips towards the small of his back and applying pressure, making the head of Wufan's cock bump against the hollow of Chanyeol's throat.

Wufan puts a hand on top of Chanyeol's head, pushing down. Might as well be direct about it. Chanyeol lets out a low chuckle before he wraps his lips around the tip of Wufan's cock and Wufan can't help but let out a breathy noise and tilt his hips upwards into the sensation. Chanyeol's mouth is the perfect size for taking Wufan's dick all the way in and Wufan swears he will never say anything bad about Chanyeol's mouth ever again for as long as he lives. The head of his cock hits Chanyeol's throat and he tangles his fingers in the other's long hair, tugging lightly to try and urge him to take more of Wufan down. He's met with resistance and a few choking sounds, before all heat is removed from his body – Chanyeol is straightening and looking up at Wufan with a smirk, and Wufan thinks he looks better with something in his mouth, so he grabs the base of his erection and bumps the head against Chanyeol's closed lips in silent demand.

Instead of granting access, Chanyeol slides his hands up underneath Wufan's shirt, fingers splaying over his ribs before squeezing – hard – and then Wufan's back is colliding with the ground and Chanyeol is on top of him, grinding their dicks together and taking control of the situation. Wufan is momentarily stunned and it's just like how they play rugby. It's give and take and they never let up on each other, and even though they each have five other team mates, it's always been between them.

But Wufan won't lose to Chanyeol again. He's beaten him on the pitch finally and he's not about to lose here, either. His hands plant on Chanyeol's hips and he's flipping them over, shoving Chanyeol head-first into the grass, Chanyeol letting out a gruff noise of surprise as the air leaves his lungs when his chest gets flattened to the ground. Wufan has a hand on the center of Chanyeol's back, using sheer power alone to keep the other man on the ground, his other hand working on pulling Chanyeol's sweatpants down far enough to expose his ass.

Chanyeol's arms are trying to push against the earth beneath him to get himself up but Wufan isn't having any of that, pressing down harder on the center point between Chanyeol's shoulders. Chanyeol is gasping for air but he's also letting out little moans as Wufan grinds his dick against the crack of his ass, and Wufan knows that if he was really hurting Chanyeol then he would say something. After years of being pitted against each other, they could read one another like books.

“You like losing so much, huh?” Wufan's voice is low as he spits into his hand, jerking his cock and adding to the saliva Chanyeol left behind.

Chanyeol doesn't answer with words, instead managing to get his knees planted, pushing his ass back towards Wufan. Wufan smirks in appreciation, the head of his cock pressing insistently but teasingly against Chanyeol's hole; he pauses, bending over Chanyeol's back, finally removing his hands from pinning the younger.

“Like this?” Wufan doesn't know if he should stretch Chanyeol open or not. It's always unpredictable between them and Wufan would hate to ruin the moment by making assumptions.

“Winners take what they want,” Chanyeol huffs out, the exhalation of his voice disrupting the dirt by his face and kicking dust up into the air.

That's all Wufan needs, really, and he slams into Chanyeol in one go. Chanyeol's fingers scrabble against the ground, pulling up entire clumps of grass before digging his fingers into the earth, anchoring himself down. Anchoring himself because Wufan isn't really moving his hips and thrusting so much as his hands on Chanyeol's hips are rocking the smaller boy back and forth, forcing him to fuck back onto his cock. It's complete manhandling and Wufan watches as Chanyeol's back bows, the other still not bothering to lift himself from the ground even though he's no longer being pinned.

Fucking Chanyeol is a lot like tackling Chanyeol; Wufan is in control, and Wufan is on top. He thinks it's rather amusing, but the joke is lost when Chanyeol suddenly pushes himself up with a grunt, using the momentum of his body to really fuck himself onto Wufan's cock. Wufan's hips stutter a bit and he can't help but actually move his body now, the new angle changing the way Chanyeol's body suctions around his cock. Heat is consuming both of them and Wufan uses a hand to push Chanyeol's hoodie and the shirt underneath up to his armpits, exposing the curve and bumps of his spine.

It's not delicate, what they're doing, but it's not completely brutal either, because after Wufan's fingers roam over Chanyeol's spine they flit over Chanyeol's neck, caressing gently despite the pounding of his hips. Chanyeol's head tilts and his eyes are closed and Wufan feels how the tops of his thighs hit the backs of Chanyeol's legs, feels how their bodies are constantly colliding and crashing instead of easily sliding against each other. It's not brutal but it's definitely not graceful either.

Wufan's abdomen tenses suddenly, his toes curling in his shoes as he hunches over Chanyeol's back, the pace of his thrusts increasing with every passing second. Chanyeol isn't making too much noise but the noises he does make are low-pitched and gutteral and send jolts down Wufan's spine. His hips jolt out of rhythm and his hand returns to the center of Chanyeol's back, forcing the younger down into the dirt once more – Chanyeol lets out a whine and his body convulses, the sound of his cum coating the grass beneath his body spurring on Wufan's orgasm.

Wufan pulls out, but he doesn't pull away. He rolls Chanyeol away from the stained ground, the younger breathless and giving a goofy grin as Wufan fixes his clothes for him – and then Wufan is flopping rather rudely atop Chanyeol's spent and exhausted body, smirking lightly.

Chanyeol rolls his eyes and lets out a laugh, “Please, hyung, cuddle me and stroke my hair til' I fall asleep~”

Wufan responds by resting the weight of his whole body on Chanyeol's weakened frame. Chanyeol wheezes in distress.

The next time their teams meet, Chanyeol and Wufan are in each other's faces, sizing each other up.

“Armor,” Chanyeol says.

“No,” Wufan replies.

Kyungsoo and Baekhyun try their best to console each other and prepare for their impending doom.

Rivalry never dies.

Tags: group: exo, kran-berry juice, pairing: kris/chanyeol
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