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Leaderly Bonding

Title: Leaderly Bonding
Pairing: Kris/Chen
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kris admires how hard Chen works to give a good image to his fans. He also admires his cheeks, his jaw, and his mouth. And maybe his narrow hips. And why won't Lay mind his own damn business?
A/N: Flooding your f-list and not giving two fucks. Shitty title is shitty but ~WhATEVER it'S FUCkiNG KRIS/CHEN*~ i need to stop drinking someone take the booze away from me

Jongdae and Minseok are doing their best. Their efforts don't go unnoticed by Wufan; he sees them listening intently to the hosts even though they can only understand a few words, he sees them being polite and gracious and laughing at jokes they don't understand. They work together and they work with the rest of the group, too, and their Mandarin is still in need of great improvement but Wufan is quietly pleased at their efforts. He understands perfectly well what it's like to be in a new country, learning the language and the customs and the jokes. So he sympathizes when Jongdae and Minseok and does his best to help him in the silent, reassuring way he knows how.

Jongdae's Mandarin is much better than Minseok's, but Minseok seems to participate in shows more, as Jongdae hangs back and absorbs everything he can with those cat-like eyes and his sharp hearing. He's especially good at dividing his attention three ways – between the members, the interviewers, and the translator. Wufan admires that. Jongdae might not be as outgoing and ready to talk as Minseok, but his concentration and focus on learning makes up for his lack of participation. Wufan always makes sure to pat Jongdae and Minseok's backs and give them a smile, telling them that they're getting better every day.

Everyone's banter in Korean doesn't go unnoticed by fans and by the hosts of whatever shows they're on. Wufan should lay down the law, probably, and tell the members to keep the inside jokes and Korean on a small scale, but he can't find the heart to do so. Not when Jongdae smiles like he's won the lottery, his thin lips curving and his cheek bones rising.

Wufan's skinship is relatively minimal. He keeps it to the people he's most comfortable with, usually favoring Luhan or Tao or even Yixing who sits next to him because hey, that's what the fans want, right? But he still finds himself drawn to Jongdae in certain situations, when Jongdae is trying his best to keep up with the situation and challenges; Wufan finds himself going to Jongdae's side and whispering to him in Korean, getting playful when Jongdae makes some sort of smart remark in return.

The leader can't help it. Jongdae is slender and shorter than him, wiry and graceful. Wufan finds his arms slipping around Jongdae's waist to lift him or move him on too many occasions and he finds that Jongdae doesn't mind and usually ragdolls in his hold, letting Wufan toss him around to his heart's content. And in turn, Jongdae's rare touches and dazzling smiles are directed at Wufan for whatever reason, and Wufan just can't find it in him to favor other members over the Korean vocalist for much longer.

So their interactions increase both on screen and off screen, and every day Wufan finds himself silently singing under his breath to whatever song Jongdae might be wailing at any given time. He sings softly with a gentle quirk of his lips, his head nodding, and Jongdae doesn't notice as his voice thunders along. No one else really notices, either; Wufan has a lot of quiet quirks and they were only noticeable if one was really paying attention.

Wufan and Jongdae have a lot in common, just surface things that don't really go that deep but make for good conversation. They like the same singers, they like the same television shows. Jongdae is always fascinated that Wufan can speak so many languages, and assures the leader that his Korean is actually really good, despite Wufan's insecurities. Jongdae speaks short, structured phrases of Mandarin to Wufan and Wufan corrects him when it's wrong, but sometimes he doesn't because he's too busy laughing at Jongdae's accent or his verb confusion.

Jongdae didn't have an undying adoration for Wufan, like Tao.

Jongdae didn't have a push-and-pull friendship full of bickering and teasing with Wufan, like Luhan.

Jongdae didn't have a companionable bromance with Wufan, like Yixing.

Jongdae didn't have to constantly look up for Wufan's approval and praise, like Minseok.

Jondae's relationship with Wufan is it's own thing, not really something that could easily be put into words. Wufan considers that labels are shit, anyways, why bother when whatever they had was fine as it was? Jongdae didn't rely necessarily on Wufan, he didn't really seek him out specifically in any case. If they were around each other, they were around each other and interacted easily. If they weren't, then there was nothing. There were no pressures, no expectations, and it's the kind of relationship Wufan treasures with his bandmate.

But even though Wufan is satisfied with their platonic, easygoing relationship, when Jongdae sits next too close or holds his wrist too tight, the leader feels sweat prickle on the back of his neck and palms.

“Hyung,” Jongdae knocks before entering Wufan's bedroom, holding a Korean-Mandarin dictionary in one hand and a pencil in the other. “Can you help me?”

Wufan sits up on his bed, taking the headphones out of his ears and pausing the movie he was watching on his laptop. He couldn't turn down either of the Korean members when they looked so helpless, holding their dictionaries like it was the last link to life itself.

Jongdae moves in with a grateful smile, pulling the chair from Wufan's desk and sitting by the bed, facing the leader.

“Can you tell me the difference between these three characters? I kind of get it but when I try to write them down in sentences I get all screwed up.” The vocalist circled his problem on the page, and then handed the book to Wufan.

The leader understood the problem instantly. He sat with his elbows on his knees and took the pencil from Jongdae, the mechanical lead smoothing over the page as Wufan's low voice explained the tenses and the different uses. When he couldn't find the right Korean word Jongdae helped him out, and it ended as a lesson for both of them, Wufan handing the book and pencil back to a grateful Jongdae, who had been leaning forward in his seat so he could pay attention better. It ends with their faces inches apart, Jongdae's eyes big and his lips curled up in a cute smile.

Wufan's eyes flicker down to the vocalist's mouth and he sees Jongdae shift a bit uncomfortably; Wufan sits back and swings his legs up onto the bed, relaxing against the headboard and bringing his laptop across his thighs once more.

“What are you watching?” Jongdae asks, not moving from his seat.

“Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas,” Wufan replies in easy English.

Jongdae blinks, and Wufan chuckles.

“It has Johnny Depp in it.”

“Oh,” Jongdae smiles in understanding, recognizing the famous American actor. “Is it good?”

“I like almost all of his movies,” Wufan admits, glancing at the screen where the movie is paused. “He's a really good actor.”

Jongdae nods, but he doesn't say anything further on the subject. He instead stands and closes his dictionary and tucks Wufan's chair back into the desk, and turns to leave – Wufan finds himself speaking before he can shut his mouth.

“Want to watch it with me?”

Watching a movie on Wufan's bed was way different than sitting in the living room with the other members milling about, watching a movie. They both know this, as Jongdae turns a slightly surprised look towards the leader, before his lips curl up in that tiny smile and he nods.

“Sure. Will I understand anything?” he asks, setting his book and pencil on Wufan's desk before sitting in the spot that Wufan had scooted over to make for him.

Wufan isn't sure. The whole movie is in English of course and the themes were odd and Johnny Depp's way of talking would be... incredibly confusing for someone who doesn't speak English fluently to understand. So Wufan shrugs and hands one of his earbuds over to Jongdae, who doesn't seem to worried about the fact he's going to watch a movie with no Korean subtitles.

For the next hour they sit in companionable silence, their shoulders and legs pressed together, the laptop split between the surface of their thighs. Jongdae is focused on the movie and he understands a bit of it, laughing at some parts that were easy to get. Wufan finds himself instead concentrating on the warmth that's radiating from Jongdae's body, his skin smelling fresh from the shower he took that morning. He does his best to not turn his head and just stare, but at this angle he can sort of see Jongdae's reflection in the laptop monitor so he settles with that.

When the movie ends they both move at the same time, the head phones in their ears keeping them from moving too far apart. On reflex to keep the bud from falling out, Wufan shifts towards Jongdae, who seems to be doing the same thing, and their shoulders collide and once again their faces are inches apart.

Wufan should say something. Maybe a 'good movie huh?' or 'next time I'll download a version with Korean subtitles', or maybe even a 'are you hungry? I'll make lunch'. Instead, his eyes hone in on the hollows of Jongdae's milky cheeks, admiring how his cheekbones could cut diamonds in the right light, admiring the straight line of Jongdae's jaw. This doesn't go unnoticed by Jongdae, whose lips purse a bit in confusion, his brow furrowing lightly, and Wufan decides fuck it, he's Wu fucking Yifan.

He presses his mouth to Jongdae's, and it's not the first time he's kissed a band member. He's kissed Tao when the younger was tired and lonely, he's kissed Yixing when they've had too many beers, he's even kissed Luhan when he was feeling particularly uncontrollable and Minseok when he was homesick. But he hasn't kissed Jongdae and this moment seems much different than the others. It's different because Jongdae's mouth isn't eager against his, Jongdae isn't pressing into the kiss and asking for more. Jongdae is just still as Wufan's lips mould to his and when Wufan breaks a centimeter away for a breath, Jongdae's eyes are closed and his shoulders are tense.

Wufan takes pity on him. “Thanks for watching the movie with me. The company was nice.” He pulls away and gently takes the bud out of Jongdae's ear, breaking their connection as he stretches and pulls his laptop fully onto his own lap.

Reality seems to set in and Jongdae's body starts functioning once more, as he stuttered out a 'you're welcome' and stood up, grabbing his things and walking out of the room. Aside from the stiffness in his limps and dumbfounded look on his face, he's acting pretty normal.

Then again, nobody really had a negative reaction when Wufan kissed them, so the neutral grey area that Jongdae slipped into was a bit unsettling.

The second time Wufan kisses Jongdae, it's hot and hurried in the hallway as the other members turn the corner ahead and disappear from sight. Wufan's wound up tightly from the recording, images of Jongdae's teeth biting into the Hello Kitty fan driving him slightly insane as he imagined those teeth sinking into his own skin instead of a stupid plastic fan.

The second time Wufan kisses Jongdae he's got the younger pressed up against the wall, large hands on slender hips as his tongue pushes into Jongdae's mouth. This time, Jongdae's lips part to allow the intrusion, and he's less stiff, but he's still not reciprocating. Wufan pulls away, both breathless, his eyes leveling with Jongdae's sparkling wide ones.

They're silent, and then Wufan pulls away, breathing fire as he gently lets Jongdae down from his hitched up position on the wall. Jongdae is a bit wobbly on his feet and Wufan walks slowly with him up to the dorm, not commenting about the kiss, Jongdae staying just as quiet. When they enter the dorm they're met with idly curious looks – well, curious looks from three members and a knowing look from Yixing – but Wufan ignores everyone and decides to move to the kitchen for a drink.

He hears Minseok asking Jongdae in whiny Korean what they should eat, and Yixing slides up behind Wufan, his arms winding around the leader's waist.

“You might have better luck with a stuffed toy,” Yixing says, mouth pressed against Wufan's shoulder blade through his shirt.

Wufan snorts smoke.

“Is this your 'leaderly bonding'?” Yixing asks when Wufan pulls away and drinks straight from the carton of orange juice.

Wufan grunts a neutral reply.

“If you want to get anywhere,” Yixing's eyes sparkle mischievously, “the back of his neck is pretty sensitive.”

Wufan stores the knowledge away but doesn't let his face show it. “Make dinner. We're hungry.”

Yixing snorts like he doesn't care, but he starts rummaging for food anyway.

Wufan doesn't know why Yixing knows Jongdae's sensitive spots. He decides he doesn't want to know. He especially doesn't want to know when his fingers skirt over the back of Jongdae's neck casually, and the vocalist shivers so hard his knee gives out and the sole of his sneaker squeaks loudly on the floor.

Smirking to himself, Wufan withdraws his hand and turns his gaze away from Jongdae's rather horrified expression. They resume their positions for the interview and when Jongdae leans closer to Wufan to listen to the leader's quiet translation, Wufan leans close enough to let his breath ghost over the curve of the Korean boy's neck. Jongdae's hand goes to Wufan's knee, fingers pressing into the cap warningly, and Wufan ignores the silent plea to stop as he continues whispering the translation over Jongdae's skin.

By the time the interview is over Jongdae is stumbling to the refreshment table, picking up a plastic cup of water and gulping it down like a parched man. Yixing is eyeing Wufan knowingly as the leader walks up to Jongdae and picks up a cup of water for himself, sipping on it as everyone mingles and waits for their manager to get the van and round them up.

Wufan arches a brow at Jongdae when the younger reaches for another cup and drains it just as quickly. “You better go to the bathroom before we get in the van to head back. Long drive.”

Jongdae's eyes are sharp when he turns to face Wufan and the leader suddenly sees the resemblance between Jongdae and the scorpion he wears on his broach. But Jongdae says nothing and turns to head off in the direction of the bathroom, probably knowing that Wufan's advice, though patronizing, rang useful. It was a long ride home.

However, Wufan isn't satisfied. He slips away from the other members (quite the feat, considering his large size), and heads off to the bathroom as well. He quietly shuts the door behind him, back leaning against it casually even as Jongdae yelps in surprise and knocks his knee into the underside of the sink counter.

“God,” Jongdae hisses, flicking his wet fingers into the sink before reaching for some paper towels. “You scared me.”

The smirk on Wufan's lips felt as menacing to him as it must have looked to Jongdae, who eyed the leader warily and hesitated in moving towards the door.

“Come here.”

The command uttered in low, rough Korean and Wufan knows he's won the battle when Jongdae steps forward, his frame wrought with tension and those cat-like eyes flickering over the leader's face in curiosity.

Wufan's hand reaches out and he grabs Jongdae's wrist to yank him forward, Wufan's head dipping to catch Jongdae's gasp with his mouth. This time Jongdae presses into him and Wufan's other hand moves to trail hot fingers over the back of Jongdae's neck, the vocalist shuddering and curving his body to fit into the stability of Wufan's. Their tongues lick hot and wet at each other and Wufan lives out his fantasy as Jongdae's teeth skid over his lower lip, the smooth porcelain tugging on Wufan's lips and bruising them gently.

They don't have time, though. Wufan's fingers are curled around the back of Jongdae's neck, keeping the vocalist in place even as Wufan pulled away, the Korean boy's eyes shimmering with wetness, pupils dilated, his lips swollen and chafed.

Wufan let his fingernails scrape lightly over Jongdae's neck and Jongdae shivered accordingly, his knees almost buckling, only able to stay on his feet because Wufan's other hand was gripped tightly over his hip.

“Consider this permission.” Wufan says, removing his hands and his presence from Jongdae, opening the door and heading out of the bathroom.

Jongdae was smart. Wufan knew he understood.

It was permission to join the circle of Luhan and Wufan's bickering, of Tao's incessant admiration and bugging, of Yixing's teasing jokes and borderline inappropriate gestures, of Minseok and Wufan having midnight snacks together.

“Oi, we've been waiting,” Yixing says, talking around the grape between his teeth.

Wufan raises a dismissive hand and passes by him, and Yixing turns to eye the flushed visage of Jongdae. Sucking the fruit into his mouth and chewing, Yixing slings an arm around Jongdae's shoulders and walks with him to the van, rambling idly.

“Just wait until he asks you to watch foreign movies with him, and without subtitles! Talk about rude. 'Privileges' my ass, more like suffering in the presence of the leader...”

Yixing continues on and when everyone is in the van, Wufan glances over at Jongdae, who is looking a bit dazed as the situation sinks into his brain.

Chuckling to himself, Wufan reaches out and pushes his hand against Yixing's knee to get his attention.

“Don't scare him.” Wufan says in Mandarin.

“You've already scared him!” Yixing says defensively, before pinching Jongdae's cheeks. “Aiya, our leader really does have a kind heart, you'll see soon.”

Jongdae's smile is a bit more relaxed, and the rest of the members join in on cooing and fusing over Wufan, who huffs and buckles himself in.

Every member has a different relationship with Wufan, but they all have one thing in common:

Their knowledge of their beloved duizhang having a heart of gold.

(And maybe a bit of an over-active imagination, too.)

Tags: group: exo, pairing: kris/chen
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