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Title: My Lady
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: None, implied Sehun/Kai/D.O - Sehun-centric
Summary: He should feel shame or any other guilty, ugly emotion whenever he watches the first teaser and lets his hand wander over his body. He should, but he doesn't.
Notes: this came out randomly and i threw all my other fic wip's off a cliff.

The level of wrong that Sehun feels on a nightly basis is slowly beginning to consume him. It isn't wrong because he is a boy and they are boys, even though that probably should be a concern for him. It is wrong because they are his friends and his band mates and he shouldn't ever have these sorts of thoughts about them but... well here he is, shut in his room and not letting anyone in no matter how many times they try to lure him out. It's almost bed time anyway, shouldn't they be doing... things to get ready for bed?

He's got his laptop open and resting on the bed between his spread legs. His back is against the headboard and his hand is inching closer to his boxers, where his half-hard cock is already waiting for his touch. On the screen is why he should feel shame, anger, frustration for what he's about to do... but he can't bring himself to feel anything other than incredibly horny.

He's watching the way Jongin's body leaves the old-fashioned car. He's smooth effortlessly and it always baffles Sehun how the other can constantly be aware of everything happening around him. Cameras on or cameras off, Jongin has an elegance that cannot be taught and cannot be learned. It's a startling contrast to the young, playful boy that the members know. Sehun has always been intrigued by Jongin's warring personalities.

It's why he's currently fingering the waistband of his boxers, watching as Jongin's slender body contorts and jerks to the music, watching as the water sprays and seems to reflect Jongin's charisma in every droplet.

Sehun is also listening to the lilt of Kyungsoo's voice. His voice isn't as refined as Jongdae's, it's not as schooled as Baekhyun's, but it's unique and it pours over Sehun's skin like the water Jongin on screen is flicking off of his fingers. The opposites of Kyungsoo's voice and personality usually made Sehun a bit wary to have excessive contact with the older member; even for Sehun it's a bit hard to match that voice with that face and that personality. He's intrigued by Kyungsoo like how he is intrigued by Jongin.

So here he is. Alone in his room late at night jacking off to the combined efforts of Kyungsoo singing and Jongin dancing.

Licking his lips, his fingers finally wrap around the base of his cock, drawing it to full attention. The teaser isn't nearly long enough so he's got it on loop, watching Jongin move, listening to Kyungsoo croon. His body tenses and it's stupid, he's watched this video so many times he should be immune to it. But he's not and it might have to do with the fact that every day he's faced with dorky Jongin and clueless Kyungsoo and it's easy for him to forget this side of them.

It's like a new experience every time.

He spreads his legs and bends them a bit, digging his heels into the mattress. Sparks of pleasure blossom from his dick to his abdomen and then spiral out towards the rest of his body, making him bite his lower lip and hood his eyes, brow furrowing a bit as he watches the screen. The hi-def slow-mo helps every time and Sehun has never been more thankful for a technological advancement; Jongin's moves can be so lightning quick no one can get the chance to properly appreciate them. But like this...

Letting out a soft breath, Sehun squeezes his dick mid-stroke, some pre-cum dribbling from the slit. His body temperature is steadily rising, not so quick it leaves him light-headed, but not so slow it's agonizing. His hips roll ever so slowly once, mimicking one of the moves Jongin does on screen; Kyungsoo's falsetto drives his hips upwards again, the pre-cum getting spread by his gripping fingers. The English makes Sehun huff heatedly but he can't close his eyes, not as the song speeds up and Jongin's moves become enigmatic on screen – tonight he can't last.

Tonight he knows he'll only watch the video maybe four times before he cums and it's because today Kyungsoo had been singing this stupid song out loud between schedules, during schedules, in the van, in the kitchen And Jongin, of course, his body naturally twitched to the song every time Kyungsoo sang, limbs wanting to follow their muscle memory into step. Junmyeon had been amused, Chanyeol and Baekhyun hadn't even noticed. Sehun was clearly suffering alone earlier and now it's taking its toll on him.

From outside his bedroom, over the sound coming from the ear buds tucked snugly into his ears, he hears the sound that's been haunting him all day. Kyungsoo is singing and he's in the bathroom, which is right next to Sehun's room, which means he's probably showering and singing and showering and naked and wet, wet like Jongin in the video, wet like the sound Sehun's hand makes with each stroke on his cock. Groaning, Sehun tilts his head back and pushes up into his hand, abandoning self-control as Kyungsoo hits the falsetto.

Closing his eyes, Sehun doesn't need the video. His free hand yanks the earbuds out of his ears and he instead listens to Kyungsoo's live singing – the little cracks in his tired voice tickling down Sehun's spine – his mind replaying Jongin's dance easily because it's been burned into the back of his eyelids. His index finger tightens around the ridge of the head and the other fingers loosen, his strokes quick and jerky and short as Kyungsoo sings his heart out, oblivious to everything.

Jongin smirks in his mind's eye. Jongin flicks the water away. Jongin's long legs part and come back together and create beautiful imagery for Sehun to devour with his eyes.

Kyungsoo takes a breath in his mind's eye. Kyungsoo's brows furrow and he brings the mic to his mouth and his other hand rests against his diaphragm, helping him get the right notes out. Kyungsoo's mouth tilts in the slightest of smirks and adds just the right spice to Jongin's dance.

In the shower Kyungsoo's singing pauses and Sehun lets out a soft noise of displeasure, his hand stilling on his cock. When Kyungsoo sings the song by himself he drags out notes, he ad-libs a few different things, and it's a lot smoother and easier on the ears a capella versus instrumental.

Before Sehun can press 'play' on his video Kyungsoo is singing again and the way he belts out the English words has Sehun's balls tensing and stomach coiling; there's a cadence of Korean and Sehun's strokes speed up with Kyungsoo's words and finally the older boy croons out the final English phrase, his voice weary and strained from the day and sounding all the sexier, Sehun finally losing it and tipping his head back as he comes in slow, steady ropes.

He stares at the video he can't hear that's playing on his laptop, watching their symbol morph into shape on the black screen. Leaning forward, he shuts the laptop without second thought and sets it on the desk beside his bed, still a bit breathless and shaky from orgasm. After a few moments he cleans himself up and puts on some sweatpants, knowing it'll be his turn to shower soon.

Jongin is on the other side of the door when Sehun opens it, his fat lips curled into the faintest of smirks. Sehun freezes, their eyes locked, and he finally starts to feel that emotion called Shame that he should have felt quite a while ago when he first started jacking off to his best friend and his lead singer.

Shame quickly turns into Arousal when Jongin's eyes sweep over Sehun's flushed (bare) torso, a small chuckle leaving his lips.

“Well then,” the brunet says, looking like he knows something Sehun doesn't. He probably does.

Jongin turns just as Kyungsoo is leaving the shower, the older boy's hair toweled dry, moisture clinging to his skin and making his sweats stick to his thighs. He gives Jongin a bright smile and then turns it to Sehun as well (who probably just grimaces in return because he's still in slight shock) before wandering off to his and Jongin's room.

Sehun is still frozen in his doorway.

“Your teasers are pretty good too, Sehun ah,” is what Jongin says before disappearing into the bathroom, shutting the door with a click.


… Oh.

“That's-- it isn't--” Sehun's lisp is on full blast, the maknae a bit too distraught to try and fix it.

“Sehun ah,” Kyungsoo pokes his head out from his bedroom doorway with a small smile. “Goodnight.”

Sehun will never be able to sleep peacefully ever again.

Tags: group: exo, member: sehun, pairing: ot3 - kai/d.o/sehun
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